FLUTE, Lorenzo Missaglia


Student of Martinotti, winner of international competitions of Stresa (1978), Palmi (1979) and Ancona (1979), Lorenzo Missiglia studied at the “Chigiana Music Academy” with Ferrara and Bellugi.

He was the first chair flute of the Italian Youth Orchestra (1978-80), and having played for the Orchestra of the La Scala Theatre, he went on to becoming the first chair flute of the ORT Orchestra of Tuscany (1981-82), of the Symphony of RAI of Milan (1982-85) and of Pomeriggi Musicali (1988-90).

Since 1983, he collaborates with ‘Divertimento Ensemble’ of Milan. For the last 30 years, the ensemble – which plays a modern and contemporary repertoire – participates in major contemporary music festivals such as ‘Holland Festival’ of Amsterdam, Biennale Musica’ of Venice, Musica nel Nostro Tempo’ of Milan, Musical Autumn’ of Warsaw, Biennale Musica’ of Zagabria, Festival de Alicante’, CPDMC’ of Madrid, Festival Cervantino’ (Mexico), ‘Huddersfield Music Festival’ (England), World Musica Days’ of Mexico City, Theatre Winter’ of Tokyo, Teatro Colòn’ of Buenos Aires, Festival MITO’ of Milan/Turin.

At the same time Lorenzo performs as a soloist and in chamber music groups in England, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey, France, Belgium, the former Soviet Union, the former Yugoslavia, Mexico, Argentina, Japan and the United States.

As a soloist, he has performed, in addition to the classical repertoire, also music of Maderna, Donatoni, Berio, Bussotti, Kagel, Gorli, Dusapin, Mantovani and Boulez.

Lorenzo is also active in the field of theatre and has accompanied in productions of Maddalena Crippa, Alessandro Haber, Carlo Cecchi, Antonio Albanese, Ottavia Piccolo.

Lorenzo has made recordings for Ricordi, Stradivarius, Salabert, Fonit Cetra, RAI and BBC. He made the first recording worldwide of Don Perlimplin of Bruno Maderna with Divertimento Ensemble of S. Gorli.

Since 1981, Lorenzo teaches at the “G. Nicolini” Conservatory of Piacenza.