VIOLIN, Carlo De Martini


Carlo De Martini completed his violin studies in Milan – student of the Civic School of Milan – and in Salisburg (school of Sándor Végh). He was part of the ‘Stormy Six’, a progressive rock group popular in the 1970s. He started as a conductor following a long concert career in chamber music orchestra with ‘Il Quartettone’, founded in Milan in 1987, and in the years to follow with numerous other Italian orchestras.

As conductor of ‘Il Quartettone’ and violinist of ‘Le Recordanze’ quartet, Carlo has made numerous recordings of works of Bartók, Boccherini, Cambini and Mozart, collaborating with different artists including Mario Brunello and Giuliano Carmignola.

Between 1997 and 1999 in collaboration with As.Li.Co. (the Italian Lyrics and Concert Association, Associazione Lirica e Concertistica Italiana), Carlo has conducted three editions of ‘Opera Domani’ (a project for promoting lyrical operas at schools) as well as operas of Mozart ‘The Magic Flute’, ‘Clemenza di Tito’ and ‘Idomeneo’ for the Lombardy Region Circuit between 1999 and 2004. Scholar of the ancient instrumental practice, Carlo has played with Laura Alvini and Roberto Gini, with the Algàia Ensemble and with Harmonices Mundi.

Carlo is currently part of the ‘Giardino Armonico’ ensemble. He collaborates frequently with La Gaia Scienza and since 2005 is part of Classico Terzetto Italiano, founded together with the flutist Ubaldo Rosso and guitarist Francesco Biraghi, with whom he has recorded a number of trios of J. Kreutzer.

Carlo De Martini has been invited to numerous editions of Open Chamber Music, chamber music meetings founded by Sándor Végh in Cornwall, and is currently member of the Artistic Committee of the Festival der Zukunft of Ernen, Switzerland, idealed in 1987 by György Sebők, in which festival Carlo has participated since the very first edition.

Since 1981, Carlo teaches violin at the Civic School of Music of Milan, where he has founded and conducts since 1991 the youth orchestra dedicated to students of elementary courses. Since many years Carlo holds summer camps and masterclasses for individuals and orchestras.